An Overview


I’m excited to announce my spiritual tour to India October 26th – November 5th, 2020. India is incredibly special to me; it is a place that has held my own deepest spiritual moments and insights. I first traveled to India in 2013 with only a backpack. I couldn’t get enough and traveled back twice more. On my third trip, I knew the next time I stepped foot into India I would share the journey with others. I was able to realize this dream in 2017. I knew we needed someone in India to take our journey to the next level so I approached Kapil as a tour guide for many reasons. Most importantly, Kapil was the first friend I made in India, and I trust him completely. You can meet him below in his video.

Together, we will venture to India once more as a small group. Each day will include yoga classes, meditation, spiritual studies, and of course an opportunity to venture into Indian temples to take part in ceremonies and rituals, bathe in the Ganges River, and eat incredible food. It is very important to me that those who feel pulled towards India are coming from a place of sincere spiritual connection. Our trip will be healing and a personal exploration. Therefore, if you’d like to join I will be doing a personal phone call with you so you know what to expect!  This is an all inclusive trip. Once you arrive in Delhi, you are in safe hands ready to adventure into a part of the spiritual world unlike any other! We will fly to Delhi, explore Rishikesh and Haridwar. These holy cities are located on the Ganges River. Our hotel in Rishikesh is reserved entirely for us, with a private beach so that you can walk to the river whenever you wish. Our time will also include a special visit to an extraordinary orphanage where children in the lower caste system are given an education. We will learn the Indian mantras and sing them with them! You will explore temples and ceremonies, eat the best Indian food of your life, experience the finest Aryuvedic massage, and connect deeper to your own spiritual self. I can’t wait for you to join me in the holiest of lands.