Day 1- Oct 26th

You will arrive in Delhi to meet Kapil, our group tour guide. Kapil and Fleur have known each other for 5 years! He will pick you up from the airport and make sure you’re safe and sound as you arrive into India. There will be a group dinner and comfortable evening spent in Delhi in your own private room


Day 2- Oct 27th

We board a private air-conditioned bus to Rishikesh! You’ll get to see true India along the way, including a lot of Monkeys!  We arrive that in time for a meal at foothills of the Himalayas, right next to the holy Ganges river. An evening meditation along some gentle Yin Yoga will prepare you for bed.  


Day 3- Oct 28th

 Our hotel is located on steps away from the Ganges River. Our morning starts with a group yoga meditation and intuition class. You’ll learn about the mythology of this epic river which is said to cleanse anyone who steps within her waters of ailments and disease. Then, we jump in! Later in the day, we explore the two towns of Rishikesh- Ram Jhula and Laxman Jhula. As the sun sets, we send out our prayers on the waters edge in a ceremonial Aarti.

Day 4- Oct 29th

Our morning starts with an exploration of our own intuition. We dive deep into our own spiritual practice, with time to journal and reflect. In the afternoon, you’ll have time to relax and the option to get henna. That night, we go to the visit the children’s orphanage. We will get to sing alongside the children in their nightly ritual and gift them with a few items that the orphanage needs to do their best work. 

Day 5- Oct 30th

We leave our larger suitcases behind and bring an overnight bag for Haridwar, a city where millions of India people pilgrimage to for the god Shiva. We will travel high over the tree canopies to see the three goddess temples at the top of the hills where you will be blessed by priests. One of the temples is devoted to a Wish and Desire fulfilling Goddess and you can tie ribbons to the top of the temple with your wishes. There will be some time after dinner to relax in your room or go into town shopping. That night we join in the songs along the rivers edge before you retreat to our beautiful hotel and your private room.

Day 6- Oct 31st

Our second day in Haridwar begins with an early morning visit to an the Har Ki Pauri ashram. This ashram is devoted to one of the largest saints of India, Anandamayi Ma, said to be an incredible medium. We will join in the traditional morning puja and take in the truly magical energy that this holy space holds.  Together, we journey back to Rishikesh. We end the night with a group dinner and a lesson on mantras and kirtan as a way to find deeper meditation. 


Day 7- Nov 1st

Our morning starts with another workshop on developing your own spiritual gifts with a morning meditationWe will particularly focus on healing work. Our afternoon is reserved for traditional Aryuvedic massages. Later in the day,  we will venture to the Vashistha temple and cave, an ancient cave popular for meditation. Afterward, we will get some chai teas and do some shopping in town. 


Day 8- Nov 2nd

We rise early and make our way up to the highest point in Rishikesh to see the sunrise. In the afternoon, we come together for a workshop on mediumship and connecting to our loved ones in the spirit world. We will head to the beach for one final dip in the Ganges River, we sit down for dinner and a camp fire.

Day 9- Nov 3rd

We will spend the morning relaxing and journaling. For those who didn’t receive their massages, they will be getting them today. Those who’ve already had theirs will have the option to go into town shopping.  Later in the evening, we will have a mediumship class.  As dinner is prepared, we will have one final closing ceremony. 

Day 10- Nov 4th

We pack our bags and head back to Delhi! On our way into the city we will stop for some shopping in Delhi and then enjoy one last dinner as a group. Each person will have a private room to get a good night’s sleep before their flight. 

Day 11- Nov 5th

We say our goodbyes and fly home!