Most frequent questions and answers

The trip is all inclusive, with the exception of your flights in and out of Delhi. You will have three nights in a private hotel room, and during our time in Rishikesh will have a roommate. All meals, transportation, activities, and one massage is included. Additionally, as part of the trip there will be  intuition classes, yoga classes, and meditations for you to participate in. These classes are meant to deepen your connection to yourself and spirit. You can take a look at the itinerary to see the activities planned. There is no prior experience required to enjoy the intuitive and mediumship style classes taught by Fleur.

Aside from your flight and souvenirs you will not have to pay for any activities, however it is customary to tip in India, so you will want to keep some cash available for that. 

Kapil is a long time friend of Fleur’s. When she was 23 and traveling India for the first time 6 years ago, Kapil was her transportation from the airport to a hotel. He was worried about her safety and insisted she take his extra cell phone on her trip. They’ve been friends ever since! Kapil is an incredible tour guide who has been organizing trips for ten years. His love for India and its spiritual core makes him the best tour guide ever! He will be with us for the entire trip, keeping us safe and showing us true India. 

Kapil will also be offering an extended trip for those who wish to see more of India- specifically the Taj Mahal and Jaipur. This part of the trip will be with Kapil and three extra days departing from Delhi (where our trip ends). 

E-Visa: One Year Visa 
This is the simplest and most direct visa option. Your passport must have a validity of at least six months from the date of arrival in India and it must have two blank pages. It will not take longer than a few days to receive your e-visa in your email. And it is valid for one year from the date of issue.  The address for India to use: IGI Airport Aerocity GMR Hospitality District Asset No 02, New Delhi, Delhi 110037, India. If you are worried about the steps in any way, consider using IndiaVisa Corp. 


To do it yourself:


Vaccines you absolutely need: The PHAC and WHO
recommend the following vaccines for India: typhoid, hepatitis A, polio, measles, mumps and rubella (MMR).
optional: Malaria pills are not required as we are going to only low to no risk areas. Additionally, we do not reach an altitude higher than 1200 foot (Vegas is 2000 ft). There will be some temples on mountain tops but these are optional trips.
Vaccines recommended but not required: rabies, hepatitis B (only if you plan to get tattoos or use needles) , Japanese encephalitis (only for rural areas we are not going to) 

The Indian currency is rupees. 1 Rupee = .016 US dollar. Most large stores and hotels take credit cards, but I would recommend traveling with cash. In the past I have used a Bank of America debit card with no issues at ATMs. It is easier to take money at ATMs when we travel than to exchange from dollars.

– Sandals to enter temples- you’ll mostly be wearing these the most often

– Tennis shoes

– Fleece jacket

– If you pack shorts, pack longer shorts. it is not customary in India for women to show too much skin

– Bring protein bars. If you think you might not like Indian food, this is especially important for you. They have little else to eat, terrible pizza at best.

– Bring any medications, they are hard to come by

– Deodorant and personal hygiene products are hard to come by

– Pepto Bismol and activated charcoal will hopefully not be needed, but could be your best friend. also bring electrolyte packets and probiotics.

– Indian power adaptor and converter for personal electronics

– This is a weird one, but consider getting a female urination device. When not in your hotel room, India is a place with limited toilets and when you do find a toilet they are very disgusting. For guys this isn’t a problem and Indian women have mastered the art of squatting discretely. However this little device enables western women to stand and pee with no mess. Definitely not necessary as you can squat, but also handy.

– Ear plugs— India can be noisy in even the nicest hotels

– Believe it or not, toilet paper is still mostly unused in India. Only the hotels will have it. bring some tissue packets and baby wipes to have on the go. Go for easy to carry small packets

– Hand sanitizer

– Small flashlight— even large cities will have rolling power outages throughout the day

– Journal



– AA batteries

Everyone is limited to one bag. You are carrying your bag to every destination. Every time we depart and leave somewhere you are solely responsible for your luggage. We have one train ride. Pack as little as you can. Your first opportunity to get laundry done is November 5th upon arriving in Haridwar. Laundry is cheap in India. A few dollars at most. Laundry services are available every day in Rishikesh. My recommendation is to bring two pairs of pants and three shirts. There are a lot of clothing options while in India, Rishikesh the yoga capital has a lot of yoga clothing options and there will be options along Delhi, Jaipur & Agra for more traditional dress.



-Hair dryers will not work with convertors and will fry. Buy one there if you really need one.

– Do not bring too many clothes. Clothes are incredibly cheap in India and you can get the local dress.

– Don’t bring expensive jewelry

– Don’t pack a computer, unless its a light and cheap one that you don’t mind getting fried by irregular power supply or stolen.

– Don’t bring unnecessary electronics— see above.

– Don’t pack too many toiletries, just your favorites. Special products are not available but generic soap, shampoo and toothpaste are available. 

– Don’t take nice shoes. they will get dirty no matter what (think cow, horse, dog, and goat poop all in one place).

– One jacket is enough.

The hotels we are staying in will have updated, modern bathrooms, however, outside of the hotels, they could be sparse.